Using our logo

Logo of the Crisis Consulting Centre Mahena (hereafter Mahena) is original work and owned by Mahena. Andres Peterson is the author of the logo.

Logo represents a man and a woman, the sky (blue) and the Earth (green). In the middle there is the name Mahena, under it full name of the organization (black).
Our logo symbolizes completeness, positive relations between people and multileves of relations that allow us to find solutions to problems, even in case of loneliness and mental pain. Communication and understanding supports positive progress. 

  • Logo is used to inform about activities that Mahena leads.
  • Logo must be placed in a way that the text under it is fully visible.
  • Logo must be proportionally and by its color solutions like original.
  • Logo usage is stated in a document that regulates partnership or cooperation.
  • Logo is prohibited to use in any way without written consent from Mahena.

Information about using our logo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.